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bilēven v.(1)
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Note: Cp. bilīven.
(a) To depart from or leave (a place, one's people, a person); (b) to give up (possessions, Christianity, etc.); forsake (an obligation, etc.); abandon (bad habits, etc.); (c) to forego (activity), desist from.
(a) To leave (sb. or sth. in a place), let remain or stay; ben bileft, be left or be (somewhere or with sb.); (b) to leave (sb. or sth. in a certain condition); (c) to leave (sth. for sb.); give, bestow, grant; entrust; ben bileft; (d) to leave (sth.) over; spare (sb.); ben bileft, remain.
(a) To remain (in a place); stay, tarry; (b) to dwell or live (in a place).
To remain (in a certain state); ~ hol, wel, stil, etc., remain in good health, keep still, etc.; ~ ded, be left for dead; ~ maide, remain a virgin; ~ oure, remain ours.
(a) To remain after an event, be left over or behind; survive; (b) to be left (for sb.).
To leave (sth.) alone, let be; turn away from (a narrative); leave off; desist, hold back.