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thōlen v.
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(a) To be made to undergo (a penalty for misdeeds); ~ ded (deth), undergo the penalty of death, be executed [cp. sense 3.(c)]; (b) to submit to (judgment).
(a) To suffer; also, with adv.: ~ muche (muchel); (b) to suffer the distress of (woe, misfortune, etc.); also, feel joy at (well-being); (c) to suffer or endure (hunger, pain, etc.); also, suffer (physical injury); (d) to suffer the loss (of one's hands).
(a) To experience (sth. that will cause pain); (b) to feel (shame, humiliation); (c) ~ ded (deth), to undergo death, meet one's end, die [a few quots. could also be construed as sense 1.(a)].
(a) To be patient; forbear; also in proverbs; also, refl. restrain oneself; ppl. tholinge, patient; ivele tholinge, impatient, ill-enduring; (b) to put up with (injustice, a complaint, an act, etc.), bear; bear with (someone's words); with inf. or that clause: bear (to do sth., that sb. do sth.).
(a) To endure without harm (physical adversity); survive (torment, abuse, etc.); tolerate (brightness, stench, a course of treatment, etc.); also fig.;—also without obj. in as or than clause; also, withstand (temptation, a physical blow); (b) to be afflicted with (a physical disorder), suffer (a sickness); also, be susceptible to (an ailment).
(a) To sanction (a state of affairs), countenance; permit (sth.), allow; also, view tolerantly (the fact of someone's sinning); (b) with inf.: to permit (sb. or sth. to do sth., sth. to be done, etc.);—also with inf. unexpressed; with that clause: suffer (that sb. do sth.), permit (that sth. be done); also, grant (sb. that he may do sth.); (c) to promote or encourage (harmonious living); (d) pr. ppl.in parenthetical phrase: oure lord tholinge, God willing.