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tenth(e num.
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Note: Cp. tithe n.(1) & tith(e num.
(a) Ordinal number as adj.: tenth; (b) in combs. & phrases: ~ del (part), one-tenth of a whole; also, a small part, a fraction; also, a tithe [1st quot.; cp. 2.(b)]; ~ houre (time), the tenth hour of the day; the ~ folde, ten times as much; (c) consisting of ten members; (d) in compound number.
Ordinal number as noun: (a) the tenth item in a series: the tenth king, month, commandment, etc.; also, one-tenth of a whole; a small part, a fraction [quot. a1400]; ?one person of ten, one with nine others [quot. c1384, 1st]; (b) the tenth part of one's goods or income given to a church, cleric, etc., a tithe; ~ col; litel ~, a minor praedial tithe; (c) mus. the interval between two notes ten steps apart on the diatonic scale; (d) ~ som, a company of ten [cp. tensom n.].

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Note: Sense 2.(d) should have gone to 1.(b). It's true that it = tensom, but the use of tenth(e is adjectival, not a noun. Cp. thritithe num.--per REL