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tanner(e n.
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(a) One who tans hides to make leather, a tanner; tanneres craft, the trade of tanning; tanneres wos, tanning liquor; (b) in surnames; (c) in place names.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1400 Harv.lat.235 Artist.Recipes (Harv lat.235) 296/13 : Forto make blak þred. Take and ley þi thred or þi clod in tannerwose .iij. dayes.
  • a1525 Sln.4 Recipes in Crafte Lymmyng (Sln 4) 330/29 : Put yt yn a tanners ose one day, and yt shal be as fyne a tawne colour as any nedyth.
  • Note: Additional quots., sense (a).