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swīven v.
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Note: Cp. oferswifen v.
(a) To have sexual intercourse, copulate; smal-swivinge men, men who copulate infrequently; (b) to have sexual intercourse with (a woman); (c) ~ to child, to make (a tree) fruitful.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Correction for sense (c): The reading of both MSS texts is thrive; swive comes from a gloss "swyue auctor dicit".
Note: Apparently, originally taken from vr. Latin MS, omitting "velut coitu"--which glossator is attempting to restore with an appropriate rhyme word; "thrive" does not read well here--perhaps this is just a filler = "in this manner, do well". Current thinking, though MED thriven v. not yet in print, is that "thrive" problem called glossator's attention to the line. No meaning of thriven yields "to cause," which is wanted here. If a filler, it can be rejected, leaving all possibilities to swiven.
Note: Latin: Hoc enim velut coitu steriles arbores vberantur; Latin vr.: Hoc modo steriles.--previous notes per MM
Note: If we want to keep this quot. under swiven v., there needs to be a stencil for the Latin gloss. MED chīlden v. sense 2.(b) "to bear fruit" has this as its only quot., which may be used here with the proper Latin gloss stencil, since there is more context: Swyue [DukeH d.2: To their rootis..oildregges kest..in this maner do thryue A bareyn tre to childe.]--per MLL
Note: This quot. not found in MED thriven v.