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swimmen v.
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(a) Of a person, fish, bird, etc.: to move or travel through water by moving the limbs, fins, etc., swim; -- also refl.; also, swim (a certain distance), cover (a distance) by swimming; (b) fig. and in fig. contexts; sinken or ~, of souls: to be lost or saved; (c) in proverb and conventional comparisons; (d) ~ ful of, of a spring: to abound in (swimming fishes).
(a) Of an inanimate object: to float on the surface of a liquid; ~ aboven, ~ o loft, float on or near the surface; (b) of a ship: to float, move over the water; of a person: float in a vessel, float upon an object; also, set (a ship) afloat; (c) of a liquid: ~ aboven, to form the top layer of a mixed fluid; ~ aboven the water, come to the top of the water; (d) to move suspended in a liquid, be steeped or immersed in a liquid; of a bodily fluid or waste product: flow; ~ in hed, of wine: swim in the head, go to the head.
Fig. in phrase ~ in: (a) to have an abundance of (possessions, riches); be overcome by (gladness, languor); indulge in (extravagance); (b) to be dressed in (extravagant clothes), go about in (flowing garments).
Ppl. swimminge as adj., translating L natativa, prob. error for nauseativa.