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swẹ̄pen v.
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Note: Cp. swaipen v., swappen v., swippen v., swopen v.
(a) To perform the act of sweeping, sweep; (b) to sweep (sth.) clean, make clean by sweeping; (c) to sweep up (trash), collect by sweeping; (d) fig. to make (the heart, spirit, soul, etc.) clean or pure.
(a) Fig. To sweep (sth.) away, destroy utterly, get rid of; also, clear (sth.) away [quot. 1440]; ~ awei; (b) ~ doun, to mow down (a meadow in swaths); ~ of, cut off (someone's head); (c) of a falling body: to sweep or strike (the ground).
(a) To hasten, rush, sweep along; (b) to drive (sb. or sth.) quickly, impel; (c) to transport (sb.) from a state of consciousness, carry away.