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surmǒunten v.
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(a) To go or fly above (the heavens, birds), fly higher than; of the sea: rise above (the land), flood, cover; also, fig. of thought: pass above (the sphere of the air); of anger: overflow (the heart), flood; (b) to be higher than (sth.), be situated above (the heavens); ~ aboven, extend beyond (the sky); ben surmounted aboven, fig. of a person: be situated above (the sky), be prideful; (c) to increase; be greater in quantity than (sth.).
(a) To be preeminent, be unequaled; excel (in some respect); ~ aboven, be superior to (sb.), surpass; ppl. surmountinge, outstanding; also, preeminent; (b) to be superior to (sb. or sth.), be better than; be superior to (sb. or sth. in some respect), surpass, exceed.
(a) To prevail, triumph; overcome (sb. or sth., a restraint, one's nature, etc.), prevail or triumph over; ~ on, attack (sb.); (b) to have power, rule; have control over (sb.), rule; gain power over (sb.); (c) to achieve worldly success, be important; ~ aboven, be more successful than (sb.); (d) to outdo (someone's speech); be more important than (sth.), have greater effect than.
(a) To transcend (a limit, limitation), go beyond (a boundary, a certain point); (b) to be beyond the capacity of (reason); (c) to go beyond (moderation).