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bīden v.
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Note: Cp. abiden.
Of persons: (a) to stay, remain (in a place); tarry, linger; walken and ~, go or stay; (b) to reside or live (in a place, with sb.); sojourn; (c) to stay (with sb.) as a companion or assistant; (d) to make a stop, halt.
Of things: (a) to remain, reside, or persist (in a place); also, to be [Pearl quot.]; (b) to stand still.
(a) To remain (in a certain condition); ~ on live, stay alive; no biding bern, no one alive; ~ in bai, ~ the bai, stand at bay; ~ quit, remain free; ~ war, beware; (b) to persist (in an activity).
(a) To engage in (combat); bidand, steadfast, resolute (warrior); (b) to put up with (sth.); submit to (someone's will).
(a) To wait expectantly or patiently; ~ in sufferaunce; also, to be patient; (b) to delay; put off (doing sth., an event); be delayed.
To await (sth. or sb.), wait for; ~ after, to; to wait for (sth.) to happen.
(a) To expect or hope for (sth.), hope to get; (b) to hope to live until (a certain time), live until (a certain time); ~ the dai, live long enough, live to see the day.
(a) To experience or undergo (sth.); (b) to suffer or bear (hardship, etc.); (c) to enjoy (food, love, luck).