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stūphen v.
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Note: Cp. steuen v.(2).
(a) Med. To administer a steam or hot-air bath or a medicinal vapor to (sb., a part of the body); also, refl. inhale the vapor of a boiling decoction; (b) to steep (meat) in a liquid.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1475 Gilb.Angl.(Wel 537)118/20 : Let him stufe him in hote herbis and wel-smelling.
  • a1475 Gilb.Angl.(Wel 537)110/24 : Let him have a fumigacion of orpement. And let him stufe him with horshel.
Note: Additional quotes
Note: Both quots belong to sense 1.(a) as refl. examples.--per MLL