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stǒupen v.
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(a) To bend the body forward and downward, stoop; also in fig. context; also in proverb, with play on sense 2.(a) [quot. c1400]; ~ adoun (doun); ~ aside, ?bend over to the side; ~ on knes, kneel; (b) of the head: to bow, bend; ~ with the hed, of an animal: lower the head; (c) to shrink in fear; bow down in submission; (d) to submit, be obedient; (e) to lower (one's buttocks); direct (one's glance) downward, lower (one's line of vision), look down.
(a) Of a person, the body, the shoulders: to have habitually a bent position or a forward or downward inclination; also fig. [quot. ?a1439]; ~ in-to age, ?become increasingly stooped as one advances into old age; ?advance in age, grow old; ppl. stoupinge, having a constant stoop, bent; ppl. stouped as adj.: bent; stouped in age, ?bent because of old age; ?advanced in age; (b) ppl. stoupinge, of the nose: bending downward.
(a) To slump forward; lean or fall backward from a blow; of a flower: droop; don (geren, maken) ~, cause (sb.) to lean or fall backward; (b) to cause (sb.) to fall.
To have a direction away from a straight line, bend, curve; lean in a direction away from vertical.