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stọ̄̆th(e n.
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Note: Cp. stete n., stod(e n.(2).
(a) An upright piece of timber used as support in a wall, partition, etc. [quots. ?c1475 and a1500 may belong to sense 4]; ~ nail, nails of some kind used in fastening such timbers; (b) fig. a person upon whom others can lean for spiritual support, an upholder, a mainstay, base; (c) a penis.
Naut. A rope used to control and brace the yard.
A border or band woven in a piece of cloth.
An ornamental boss or stud on a belt.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1475 Diseases Horse (Chr)346 : Pull owte his ȝerde..& wessche his ȝerde at every tyme & þe scote boþe as ferre as ȝe may recche.
Note: Presumably belongs to sense 1.(c), but evidently with a slightly different sense, '?(a horse's) penis sheath.' Both quots. may well belong to an entirely different word.