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bẹ̄ten v.(2)
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Note: Cp. bote amends, etc.
(a) To mend (sth.), repair; ~ nettes, repair fishing nets; (b) to remedy (an evil condition); comfort (sorrow), cure (disease or bodily disorder), relieve (hunger, thirst, need), mitigate (excessive heat); (c) ~ bale(s, to remedy an evil (or evils), relieve (someone's) suffering or sorrows; -- also refl.; (d) to help (sb.), save, release (from sth.); ~ of bale, save from evil or sorrow.
(a) To atone for (a sin, a crime), make amends for; also, shrive oneself, repent; ~ of, make amends for, repent of; (b) to atone for (the sin of sb. else); (c) to assign penance for (a sin), assign penance to (a sinner).
(a) To kindle (a fire); set fire to (sth.); (b) to replenish (a fire), add fuel to, mend; (c) fig. to arouse or increase (mirth, strife, treachery).