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standard n.
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(a) A flag or banner displayed from a pole in battle; also, a pole used to display a military ensign; a figure displayed as a military ensign; ~ berere, a standard bearer; ~ of treues, a raised flag signaling a truce; ben under the ~ of governaunce, to serve in (someone's) army; (b) fig. and in fig. contexts; (c) a standard bearer; (d) a body of reserve troops; (e) the Battle of the Standard, fought in 1138 between King David of Scotland and King Stephen.
(a) An upright timber or pole; an upright used in scaffolding; also, a pole used in festivities [quot.: ?c1450]; (b) a tall structure used to dispense water, a water tower; also, a tower used in a siege [1st quot.]; (c) a small tree or shoot from a stump left standing after land has been cleared.
(a) A tall candlestick; a candle; (b) a spit or skewer; (c) a plate or die used in coining; (d) arm. a collaret, neckpiece; ~ of maille (jesseraunt).
(a) A chest, trunk, or box; ~ staf, ?a board used in repairing a trunk [may belong to standard adj.]; (b) a vessel of some kind; ale ~, a vessel for ale; (c) a sack used to hold cloth or clothing.
(a) A standard measure of volume; the kinges ~, an official standard measure of volume; (b) a standard measure of length; also, an authorized exemplar against which to measure a form for tile-making [1st quot.]; the kinges ~, an official standard measure of length; (c) a standard weight; the kinges ~, an official standard weight; (d) a rule or main consideration; also, a standard of authority [2nd quot.]; (e) cook. a main dish in a course of a meal, an entree.
(a) A service book; (b) a chorister.
In surname and place names [see Smith PNElem.2.145].