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spurnen v.
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Note: Cp. dispurnen v.
(a) To stumble, trip, stub the foot; also fig.; ~ at (o, on), stumble or trip over (sth.); bump into (sth.); ~ ayenes, bump into (sth.), strike inadvertently against; (b) in prov. sayings; (c) to stumble in speech; (d) of the foot: to stumble, trip; ~ at, stumble over (a stone); (e) to stub (one's toe or foot); ~ at (til), strike (one's foot) inadvertently against (a stone).
(a) To kick or strike with the foot; -- in prov. sayings; also, drum or kick (with the heels); also, of a bird: claw, scratch; (b) to kick (sb. or sth.); push (sth. with the foot); strike (the ground) with the hoofs; trample (sb.); ~ doun, kick (sth.) down; (c) to rush, dash; ~ oute; (d) to strike (with a spear).
In comb.: spurne-water (?wet), naut. a timber or raised channel at the edge of a deck to repel water.
To reject (sb. or sth.) with contempt, despise.