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speuen v.
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Note: Cp. aspiwen v., outspeuen v.
(a) To vomit; throw up (food, poison, etc.); ~ oute (up); ppl. speuing as noun: one who vomits; (b) in expressions of insult: spedeth you to ~, to ~ the spede; (c) of an adder: to emit (venom); (d) to eject saliva; spit in contempt; ~ and spitten, spitten and ~; (e) to spit or cough up (blood); ~ oute; (f) ~ oute, to pour out (sinfulness or wickedness) in confession; of a backbiter or an evil person's mouth: spew out (venomous speech); also, of God or Christ: ?reject (sb.); of a land: cast out (its inhabitants), drive out; -- also without oute [quot. c1230, last].