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spenden v.
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(a) To spend money, expend wealth; also fig.; (b) to spend (money, an amount or a specified sum of money), pay out, disburse; pay (expenses); expend (wealth, treasure, etc.); also fig.; also, spend (that which is given as alms or offerings); expend (one's money or resources in alms-giving); (c) ~ abouten, to spend (an amount of money, treasure) for (sth.); ~ on, spend (gold) for (sth.); also, expend (an amount of money) on behalf of (sb.); ~ upon, spend (an amount of money) for the benefit of (sb., oneself); (d) ppl. spendinge as adj.: available for spending, able to be spent [could also be construed as spending(e ger. (c)]; spendinge moneie (silver), spending money; (e) in proverbs and prov. expressions.
(a) To expend (goods, property or an amount of property); sell or exchange (a garment) as payment; also, with unexpressed obj. in partitive construction: ~ of, spend part of (someone's goods); (b) to give (gifts), bestow (sth.); distribute (sth.), dispense; serve up (sth.) at table; also, give (solace); also, of provisions: be distributed or dispensed.
(a) To squander money, be profligate; squander (money), waste (wealth, resources, goods, etc.); ~ up; ~ on him a penne ful of inke, to waste a pen full of ink on him, waste the effort of writing about him; (b) to misuse (comeliness, holiness), waste.
(a) To use (sth., goods, possessions, etc.), utilize, employ; -- also without obj. [quot. ?1440]; also, with unexpressed obj. in partitive construction: ~ of, use part of (sth.); ~ to the use of, make (sth.) available for use by (a guild); (b) to have the use of (land), enjoy the revenues from; ~ charge, carry out a responsibility; (c) to use (a weapon), wield; ~ shot, use projectiles, shoot; ~ stroke, strike a blow; (d) to use up (sth., goods, resources, etc.), exhaust, consume by use; wear out (apparel, a banner); ~ oute; (e) to consume (food, drink, an amount of food, etc.), eat or drink (sth.); also, exhaust (stores of food), use up, consume completely; eat up (pasturage); also, of food, drink: be offered for consumption, be consumed.
(a) To use (one's faculties, senses, wisdom, virtues, etc.), employ; expend (love, thought, etc.); ~ mouth, drink; ~ sighte, use (one's) eyes, look around; (b) to use (one's power of speech), employ (speech); speak (idle praise); tell (tales); also, write (a few lines); ~ his wind, speak until he runs out of breath; (c) to expend (labor, desire); use up (one's strength, one's body, etc.); (d) to weaken (sb.); exhaust (a horse); (e) ben spendede, of a person: to be dead or on point of death; of a flower: be withered.
(a) To pass (time, a period of time), spend (a day, night, an hour, etc.); ben spendede, of time, a period of time: be passed; (b) to pass (one's time), spend (one's life, lifetime, one's days or years, a period or part of one's life); neigh his lif was spendede, he nearly died; nou is al oure time spendede, now our time of life is over.
(a) To pass (urine); (b) to shed (blood); suffer loss of (blood, life); also, with inf. or that clause: shed (blood to do sth.), suffer loss of (life that one may do sth.).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Add.34111 Pigment.Recipes (Add 34111) 299/24 : Do as þou dest er, and do til þe lede be alle yspend.
  • Note: Clarke's gloss = 'used up'. Additional quot., sense 4.(d).