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spāce n.
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Note: Cp. espace n.
(a) An interval or a span of time elapsing between two specified points, events, etc.; (b) the amount or extent of time comprised by or contained within a specified period; -- often with gen. or of phrase; ~ limited, a standard length of time; ~ of lif, lifes ~, the span of one's life, lifetime; metes ~, mealtime; bi the ~ of an houre (mani yeres, etc.), for an hour (many years, etc.); haven ~ of lif (lifes ~), to live, have life; (c) in adverbial phrases: the ~ of o dai (an houre, half a night, etc.), for an hour (one day, half a night, etc.).
A point in time; in that ~, at that time, then; in this ~, at this time, now.
(a) A period of time of indefinite or unspecified length; also, a lifetime, life [quot.MOTest., 1st]; (b) bi gret ~, bi (of) long ~, for a long time; for a litel ~, for a little while; in (with) ~, in a while, in time; in (within) litel (short) ~, in ~ litel, in (within) a litel (short) ~, in a spedeful ~, in a short time, in a little while, shortly, soon; in the mene ~, in the meantime; with long leiser and ~, over a long time; (c) in selected adverbial phrases: a (ani manere, no) ~, for a (any, no) time; al the ~, everi houre and ~, all the time, continually; a large (litel) ~, for a great (little) while; litel (long) ~, for a short (long) time; the ~ after matines, during the time after matins; the ~ of an houre (o dai, half a night, etc.), for an hour (one day, half a night, etc.).
With of phrase: (a) a period of time sufficient to perform some action, the amount of time required to say a specified prayer, etc.; ~ of a mile, the length of time required to walk a mile, a period of twenty minutes [see also mile n.(1) 2.(a)]; (b) in adverbial phrases: the ~ of a boue (but) shot, ?for the time required for an arrow to reach its target; ?for the time required to walk the distance of a bowshot; the ~ of a credo (pater noster), for as long as it takes to say the Apostles' Creed (Lord's Prayer); the ~ of a mile (wei, for the time required to walk a mile [see also mile n.(1) 2.(a), (b)]; the ~ of twein boue-draughtes shetinge, ?for the time required to walk the distance of two bowshots.
(a) Time in which to do something, leisure; opportunity to do something; pl. proper times, appropriate season; with of phrase: time for (sth.); also, freq. with inf.: time (to do sth.); (b) in phrases: ~ and time, time and ~; leiser (lif) and ~; might (wille, wit) and ~; etc.; also, in adverbial phrases: in time and ~, bi spaces, at intervals, from time to time, occasionally; as in time of (and) ~, with regard to time [rendering L temporis quantitate].
(a) A delay, postponement; maken no lengere spaces, to make no further delay; (b) a respite, reprieve.
Linear distance between two or more points, objects, etc.; equal of ~, evenly spaced, equidistant; erthes ~, the circumference of the earth.
(a) Extension, often indefinite or unspecified, in two or three dimensions, area, room; (b) a particular stretch, extent, or area of space; (c) a limited area or extent of space; (d) a part or portion of space marked off in some way, a division, section; (e) internal space, the area contained within the body or an organ; (f) size, bulk; (g) arch.pl. coping stones for the intervals between battlements; ~ postes, studs between the main joists of a structure; (h) mus. one of the spaces on the musical staff.
(a) An extent or area sufficient for some purpose; also, with inf.: room (to do sth.); ~ of, a space sufficient for (sth.); ~ of (to) brethinge, fig. life; (b) maken (a) ~, to make room, clear an area; maken ~ biforen, afford (sb.) access to (sb.); yeven ~, yield, concede; also, grant license (to do sth.); yeven ~ of, grant license for (sinning).
(a) A distance, length of way, an interval of space; also fig.; (b) ~ of an inche (half a mile, etc.), a distance of an inch (half a mile, etc.); ~ of a boue-draught, the distance of a bowshot; ~ of thre daies wei, the distance of three days' travel; twelve furlong ~, a distance of twelve furlongs; (c) in adverbial phrases: ~ of a mile, for the distance of a mile, while traveling the distance of a mile; a ful gret ~, for a very great distance.
Ground, land, territory; ~ withouten wei, a trackless land.
(a) A place; (b) an assigned position; kepen ~, to keep to (one's) place, hold (one's) position; taken ~, take (one's) place; (c) oute of reule and oute of ~, fig. out of good order, in disarray.
Course, custom; holden the ~, to observe the custom, follow the course.
In misc. senses:(a) ?a section of a narrative poem [cp. fit n.(1) (a)]; (b) mus. a musical interval; (c) error for pase n. (1).