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sǒupen v.(1)
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(a) To drink or swallow; drink in small mouthfuls, taste, sip; also, be sipped or drunk; also, slurp [quot. c1475 Babies' Bk.]; ~ of, drink (sth.), sip, swallow; also [quot. c1470], fig. extract or draw money from (a source); -- ?error for souken v. 5.(a); ~ up (awei), swallow; -- used fig.; (b) to drink (sth.), swallow; sip (sth.); -- also without obj.; ~ of, drink up the contents of (a cup); ~ oute, drink up (one's portion); ~ sope, swallow a mouthful, take a sip; ~ up, drink or swallow (sth.) completely; (c) in fig. uses of (b), usu. in Bibl. context: to consume (sb. or sth.), devour, destroy; ~ awei (in, up); (d) ppl. soupinge, able to be swallowed without chewing, soft or liquid; soupinge mete (medicine) [could be construed as souping(e ger. (c), but cp. L to 1st quot.]; (e) error for sethen v.(1).

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Note: Med., etc. (sense (d)), see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. supping medicine.