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souen v.(1)
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Note: Cp. isouen v.
(a) To scatter seed on the ground for growth, sow; also fig.; ~ and (other) setten, setten and (or) ~ [see also setten v. 3.(a)]; ~ in flesh, act according to one's carnal nature, perform sinful deeds; ~ in spirit, act according to one's spiritual nature; ppl. souinge as adj.: sowing; as noun: one who sows; also [quot. a1382, 1st], ?something sown, seed; ? = souing(e ger.(a); (b) in prov. expressions.
(a) To scatter (seed, grain, etc.) on the ground for growth, sow; plant (a crop) by sowing seed; also, of a crop: be planted [quots. ?1440 Palladius13.15 & c1475 Mankind]; also, scatter (salt) on land in order to prevent growth; ~ sed(es [see also sed n. 1a.(d)]; ~ and setten, setten or ~; ppl. sowen, sown; (b) in various fig. contexts; ~ sed [see also sed n. 1a.(e)]; ~ silver sed, to give bribes; (c) in prov. expressions.
(a) To sow (land) with seed, grain, etc.; also fig.; ~ mid (of, with); ~ on, of land: be sown with (a crop); (b) to cover or strew (sth.) as with sown seed.
(a) To beget (sb.); ben sowen of thi name, be begotten of your seed; (b) ~ bataille, to engage in combat, enter battle; ~ difficulte, introduce an obscure point, bring up something difficult to understand.
(a) To scatter (persons, things), disperse; distribute (persons, sth.); ~ abrode (al abouten, oute); ~ abouten, distribute (sth.); also, gossip about (sb.) widely [quot. a1450(c1400)]; sowen to (in-to), ?concerning (sth.), having to do with; ?erron. trans. sense of sounen v. 7.(a); (b) to disseminate (sth.), spread; ~ discorde(s, spread discord, introduce dissension; (c) to disseminate rumors, spread the word; -- with that clause.