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somnen v.
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Note: Cp. assomonen v., isomnen v., samnen v.
(a) To urge (sb. to do sth.), invite, call upon; order (sb. to do sth.); -- also with that clause; ben somned, be called upon (to do sth.), be obliged; ben somned to, be invited to (a feast); (b) ?to set in motion [gloss. quots., which may belong to another sense]; move (sb.), transfer; ~ in (in-to), provoke (God) to (wrath); (c) to proclaim (a feast), call.
(a) To require the presence of (sb.) at mass, a gathering, etc., order (sb.) to appear; call (sb.) into the presence of another, summon; also fig.; -- also without obj.; (b) ~ biforen, to order (sb.) to appear in the presence of (sb. else); ~ on, call (a hawk) to (a lure); -- used without obj.; ~ to (unto), require the presence of (sb.) at (an assembly, the king's court, a city, etc.), call (sb.) to (an assembly, etc.); -- also without obj.; (c) to order (sb. to come into the presence of another, to a specific place, etc.), summon; -- also with that clause; (d) to order (Parliament) into session, convene.
(a) Law To cite (sb.) to appear before a court (either secular or ecclesiastical) or other judicial authority for trial, examination, or punishment, summon; also fig.; -- also without obj.; also, call up (jurors) [quot. a1475, 2nd]; ~ biforen justices, ~ on assise, ~ to chapitre (court), etc.; ~ toforen juges, bring (sb.) to trial; letten ~, bring suit against (sb.); (b) to call (sb.) to judgment after death; summon (sb. to appear before God or to give account) at the Last Judgment; ~ to the dom; (c) to deliberate (a matter); law don somned, ?bring suit to challenge ownership of (a property); ppl. somned, of a writ of venire facias: ?having been issued.
(a) To assemble; gather together (one's people, an army, etc.), assemble; ppl. somned, gathered together; (b) to count (people), count up; -- ?error for sommen v. (a); (c) to complete the set of feathers of (a hawk); -- ?error for sommen v. (b).