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skrī̆ken v.
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(a) To shriek with pain, fear, or grief; scream, screech; also used of a frightened bird or chicken; (b) to scream with anger or excitement; also used of a snake and a scorpion; (c) of a baby or an animal: to squall; of an owl: screech; (d) of a songbird: to sing loudly.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1330(c1250) Floris (Auch)470 : Ac er ich hit euer wist, A boterfleȝe toȝam me fluste Ich was [so] sor adrad of þan, Þat sschrichen and greden I bigan.
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    Note: Belongs to sense (a). (See similar Floris quot. there.--per MLL