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sitthen adv.
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(a) Afterward, after that, subsequently; then; (b) thenceforward, from that time on; (c) ~ after (after-ward), then afterward; ~ or soon, sooner or later, eventually; ~ ther-after, then thereafter; a (al-wei, o) ~, ever ~ (hider-ward, ever afterward, ever since; ever-mor ~, ever after this, ever again; fer (forth) ~, from then on, ever since; longe ~, long afterward; neuer ~ (hider-to, never afterward; never ~ more, nevermore afterward; ther ~ ever, ever thereafter; (d) ago; ~ gon ful yore, gon ~ longe, longe ~ (gon, long ago; gon ~ mani a dai (mani yeres), many a day (many years) ago; (e) next in sequence, next in place or position; erest (first)..~, first..then, first..next, first..second; ~..~, afterward..then, then..then; (f) once, once upon a time.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1525 Dc.54 Artist.Recipes (Dc 54) 262/16 : Grynd hyt..and sethyn take garleke and stampe hyt.
  • Note: Additional quot., sense (a) or (e). New spelling (sethin).