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sīen v.(1)
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Note: Cp. asien v., seien v.(2).
(a) To descend, fall down; of the sun: set; ~ a)doun; ~ on, descend upon (sb.), befall; ~ to ground, die; (b) to go, proceed; journey; pursue [1st quot.]; of days: pass; ~ to, pursue (sb.); come upon (sb.); ~ togederes, assemble, come together; (c) ~ from..to, to pass from (one condition) to (another); ~ of lif, pass from life, perish; ~ to, come to (grief); (d) of a specified day or time: to arrive; ~ to, come upon (a city); (e) ~ to (toward), to befall (sb. or sth.), happen to; ~ bitwene, of disaffection: come between (peoples); ~ of, of happiness: come from (sb.), derive from.