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shō̆t n.
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Note: Cp. shute n.
(a) A missile, such as an arrow, a dart, spear, cannon projectile, etc.; also fig.; -- often coll.; ~ of honde, darts, javelins, etc.; casting ~, a missile; sheten (oute) ~; (b) coll. weapons that shoot missiles; (c) a bolt or bar for a door or gate; (d) a young branch, shoot; (e) a young weaned pig.
(a) Shooting with a bow, an arbalest, a siege engine, etc.; casting with a sling; the throwing of a dart, javelin, etc.; the discharge of a missile; also fig.; also, coll. discharges, shots [some quots. in 2.(a) & (b) may belong in 1.(a)]; (b) ~ of arblast (boue, gonne), gonne (gonnes) ~ [see also gonne n.2.(d)]; ~ man, folk (men) of ~, a soldier (soldiers) using missile weapons; blind ~, a blind shot; -- used fig.; geten a ~, to get a shot; sheten al at a ~, all shoot at once; (c) shooting of game.
The range or distance of a missile in flight; ~ lengthe; arblast ~; flight ~, a bowshot; within ~, within shooting range.
(a) A swift movement, rush; (b) a gushing of liquid; (c) an ejaculation of semen; ?also, lechery [last quot.]; (d) a cataract in the eye; (e) physiol. & med. a muscular spasm of the neck or back; a spasmodic pain in the side, stitch; ?also, tetanus; ~ wort, the greater stitchwort (Stellaria holostea), used medicinally.
(a) Payment for food or drink at a tavern; one's share of such payment; (b) a festivity; ~ ale, = scot-ale n.(a) & (c); ale ~; (c) fig. a payment for sin, penalty.
(a) A royal tax [cp. scot n.(2) 2.(a)]; ~ and lot; (b) lot and ~, municipal charges and taxes; on lot and on ~, liable for one's share of such charges; (c) chirche ~, a customary rent paid in grain [cp. cherset n.]; hundred ~, ?a payment to the bailiff of the hundred for the support of his office; shirreve ~, money to meet the sheriff's expenses, sheriff's aid; soule ~, a payment to a church on the death of a person.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400 Lament Berkeley (Mid Mi O1)76 : Sodeynli assailled him a sekenes smert, A sselly shoite, bi my saule, shot vnder his side, Þat bi(re)ued him his rest, oright he moght not ride.
  • Note: New spelling: Also..shoite
    Note: Probably belongs to sense 4.(e)"..a spasmodic pain in the side, stitch". This particular subsense has a field label, physiol. & med.); change it to chiefly physiol. & med.. (If quot belongs here, it is needed for date.)--per MLL

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. shot.