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sepulcre n.
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(a) A tomb; a place of burial, grave; also fig.; right of ~, the right to a place of burial; (b) the tomb, or rock cave, in which Jesus was buried; also, the church in Jerusalem built to cover the tomb of Jesus; also fig.; ~ dor; the (the holi, seinte) ~; to the ~ ward, in the direction of Jesus' tomb; (c) eccl. a structure (usu. wooden) in a church, used during the period from Maundy Thursday through Easter, in which the preconsecrated Host (and perh. the cross) was deposited, an Easter sepulcher; ~ cerge (light), a large candle for the Easter sepulcher; ~ cloth, ?a cloth for decorating the Easter sepulcher; ~ tre, ?a frame supporting the Easter sepulcher; (d) in parish or church name.
Burial; the act of burial; also fig.; also, the entombment of Christ.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • 1790(1471-1472) Ordin.Househ.Edw.IV(2) (Topham)52 : The auditte…of all this stuffe longith to the chamberlayne…except for…the lynnen cloath for the sepulcre and fount.
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