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sā̆men adv.(1)
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(a) Together, in company; ~ ifere; al ~, all together; also, completely; both ~; (b) mutually, with each other; comen ner ~, to approach each other; kissen (loven, meten) ~, kiss (love, meet) each other; ~ knouen, known to each other; (c) with one accord, in concert; holden ~, to keep (people) united; (d) at the same time; ~ togeder.
(a) Into a group; gaderen (assemblen, bringen, etc.) ~, to gather (persons or things) together; -- also refl.; gaderinge ~, assembly; (b) into each other's company, together; (c) joined or fastened together; in or into contact; seven daies ~, seven days straight; smiten ~, to clap (hands).