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salā̆rī(e n.
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(a) Compensation, payment, esp. a salary or compensation periodically paid for regular service [sometimes difficult to distinguish from (b)]; also fig.; (b) a payment for a specific service or limited period of service, wage, hire; (c) the stipend of a priest, esp. a chantry priest; refl. yeven to ~, to appeal to or adduce one's priestly stipend; (d) a reward.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1353) Reg.Edw.Blk.Pr.4.88 : [In moneys delivered into the princes's chamber by the hands of Peter Scolemastre, who received the moneys for] soleires [and other secret things bought for him by the prince, 14 l. 6 s. 8 d.
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