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sā̆den v.
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To become sated; grow weary or indifferent; become indifferent to (sth.); ~ of, become sated with or weary of (sth.); ben saded of, be wearied by (sth.).
(a) To make (sth.) hard or stiff; also in fig. context; (b) to cause (sth.) to solidify; ~ up, make (sth.) solid; (c) to strengthen the health or physical condition (of sb.); ~ togeder, make (parts of the body) strong or firm; (d) to establish (sth.) securely in a position or condition; (e) to make (sb.) firm, resolute, or steadfast; ~ in, make (sb., a soul, person's mind) steadfast in (belief, love, God, etc.); (f) to become steadfast or resolute, be serious of purpose.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400Mirror(Htrn 250)5/21 : For often longe radinge oþer heringe saddeþ a mannes hert & makeþ him ful þerof þeiʒe þe þinge liked him ful wele.
Note: Ed.: "saddeþ: 'wearies (through satiation)'. No instance of the transitive use of this verb in this sense is given under MED saden v." Cf. OED sade, v., sense 2 'To glut, satiate; to make weary (of).' See, too, third quot. (composed 1440).
Note: New sense.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1500 Hrl.2252 Artist.Recipes (Hrl 2252) 76/1 : Here shall I tell þe how þu shulte amend thyne asure or thy byse derker or sadder of colour..thow may amende yt and sadde hyt with good blacke inke or with inde Bawdekyn.
  • ?c1500 Hrl.2252 Artist.Recipes (Hrl 2252) 76/26 : With browne thow may sad thy vermylon.
  • ?c1500 Hrl.2252 Artist.Recipes (Hrl 2252) 77/20 : Sadde yt with good synoper or with browne of Spayne or with a lyghte blacke.
  • Note: Glossary: "sad v. inf. & sadd(e imp. 'make sad (of a colour)'." Cf. Glossary: "sad(e, sadde adj. 'dark, deep (of a colour) (by addition of black, or becasue deeply saturated)'."
    Note: New sense: 'of color: to make darker, deeper; to saturate'. Cf. OED sad, v., sense 1. b. 'To darken (a colour).'