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sacrifīce n.
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(a) The act of offering a life (animal or human) to a deity as an act of propitiation or homage, a ritual slaughter, often followed by immolation of the victim; the formal offering up of produce, a material object or possession, etc. upon the altar of a deity; performance of sacrificial rites; fir of ~, sacrificial flame; (b) don (kepen, maken, offren) ~, maken of ~, to make a sacrifice, perform sacrificial rites; don (maken) ~ of, sacrifice (sth., a victim); ~ doinge (makinge), the performance of sacrificial rites; -- some phrases also fig.; (c) that which is offered to a deity, a victim, sacrificial offering; brent ~, burnt offering; fletinge (moiste) ~, ~ of licour, libation; slaien ~, an animal or human slain in sacrifice; also fig.; victori ~, an offering made in hope of victory; win of ~, sacrificial wine.
(a) A spiritual offering made to a deity in propitiation or homage, the gift of oneself (one's spirit, desire, prayer, confession, etc.) fully rendered to God or Christ; maken ~ of, to make a spiritual offering of (oneself, pilgrimages, etc.); (b) theol. Christ's act in offering himself to God or the world as a sacrificial victim; the Crucifixion as a sacrificial act; (c) eccl. the act of consecrating the body or blood of Christ in the Mass; ~ makinge, consecration.
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