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Rọ̄me n.
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(a) Ancient Rome: the city; the Roman state; the Roman Empire; to ~ ward, in the direction of Rome, toward Rome; also, to Rome [quot. a1393]; (b) in cpds. & combs.: ~ burgh (toun) [OE Rōm-burh], the city of Rome; ~ folk; ~ gate (strete, walle); ~ lede, a Roman; also, the Roman people; ~ lond (riche); ~ man; ~ thede, the Roman nation; ~ wise, wise men of Rome.
(a) Medieval Rome: the seat of the papacy; a pilgrimage center; (b) in cpds. & combs.: ~ fe (peni, scot) [OE Rōm-feoh, -pening, -gescot], Peter's pence [cp. Peter-peni phr.]; ~ rennere, one who seeks a benefice, privilege, etc., at Rome; also, an agent at the papal court; (c) in proverbs and prov. sayings.