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rolle n.
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(a) A scroll; a scroll with its contained text; a roll of prayers [quot.: 1454]; (b) a roll used in the game of rage-man [see rage-man n.3.(b)]; rage-man ~; (c) ~ of wacche, a scroll on which the military watchword is written.
(a) A scroll containing documents and records of various kinds; a customs roll; (b) an account roll; commune) ~ of the toun, a general list of the ownership and transfer of property in a town; cheker ~ [see cheker n.(2) 3.]; (c) a court roll, esp. any of the rolls associated with the court of chancery; court (lete) rolles; maister (keper) of the rolles, the chief of the twelve assistants to the Lord Chancellor, charged with the keeping of the documents of the chancery; the rolles, the court rolls; also, the court of chancery in Westminster Hall [quot.: a1605]; (d) the record of a constituted Parliament; ~ of parlemente, parlemente ~; (e) a roll listing names, a roster; a roll of the burgesses of a town, a muster roll; a roll listing God's elect; (f) a summoner's roll; a roll recording a person's conduct during his life; the devil's roll recording sins; ~ of rage- a document recording accusations or offenses [cp. rage-man n.1.(b)]; (g) a roll of arms.
(a) Something rolled up; cruste ~, a kind of rolled up pancake; (b) a roll of cloth, bolt; ~ bever; ~ worsted, worsted of a certain standard size sold by the roll or bolt [cp. rollen v.(2) 3.(d)]; (c) bandage, a length of bandage; honginge ~, the suspending part of a surgical belt or truss [cp. hongen v.1c.(b)]; (d) a roll of cloth forming a circlet about the crown of a hood; (e) a roll of material forming a cushion.
(a) A pulley, roller; ?also, a roller or sleeve bearing [quot. 1469-72, meaning contextual and uncertain, may belong to rouel n.(2), esp. sense (c) 'wheel rim']; (b) a roller for crushing seeds; ?also, a roller for rolling brewing ingredients; (c) a spindle, reel.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. roll.