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rīs n.(2)
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(a) The edible seed or grain of the grass Oriza sativa, rice; (b) ~ flour, flour (of) ~, rice flour; ~ mele, mele of ~, rice meal; poudre of ~, powdered rice; (c) cook. a dish made of rice; rice pudding; ~ alkere, a kind of pudding made of pureed fruits thickened with rice flour; ~ lombard, a dish of rice cooked with sweetened, spiced broth; ~ moile, rice pudding; ?~ hwel, a rice dish of some kind; -- ?error for ~ moile.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Feast Tott.(Cmb Ff.5.48)45 : Þer come chese crustis in charlett As red as any scarlette With ruban in rise; Certes, of all þe festis Þat euer I saw in gestis Þis may ber the prise.
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