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righten v.
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(a) To straighten (sth., a path); make right (deformed limbs), make normal, restore; also iron. [quot.: Lay.Brut]; ~ oute, straighten out (stiffened limbs); (b) to stand up straight, rise [quot.: a1425]; cause (sb.) to stand, raise; -- also without obj.; also fig.; refl. stand erect, sit up straight; of an adder: rear up; ~ up; ppl. righted, raised; erect; also, fig. of ears: attentive; righted up, of a banner: raised up; (c) to aim (a weapon), point; direct (one's course).
(a) To set (sth.) in order, put to rights, adjust; comb (hair); stoke up (a fire); refl. adjust one's gear; (b) to make (weapons) ready; prepare (oneself to do sth.); (c) to set out (parts of a carcass), apportion; -- also without obj.
(a) To put right (sb., oneself, actions, beliefs, a wrong, etc.), amend, correct; atone for (sin); also [quot.: a1393], ?make things right, ?go right; (b) to repair (sth.); (c) to cure (an ulcer, a diseased limb).
(a) To build (sth.), erect, construct; righted aright, correctly shaped; (b) to institute (Christianity, laws); ~ songes, ?organize services.
(a) To govern, rule; govern (sb. or sth.), rule, control; also, guide (sb.), direct; even ~; ~ ganging (gates, steppes, wei(es), guide (someone's) ways; ~ and reden, guide and direct (sb.); (b) to make disposition, decide; dispose (people), deploy; employ (speeches), use; (c) to justify (sb.); also, do justice to (the meek and poor); also, theol. render (sb.) righteous, absolve (sb.) of sin.