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rewarden v.
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(a) To give a reward; reward (sb.); (b) hunt. to reward (a hound or hawk), esp. with a part of the game; (c) to reward (affection, good deeds, etc.); -- also without obj.; (d) to pay (sb.) for goods or services; (e) to take vengeance; requite (sb. or sth.), give just deserts to, punish; deal (sb.) a blow; (f) to give (sth.) back, give in return, repay; compensate (sb. or sth.), make up for (sth.); ~ ayen; (g) to award (sth., sth. to sb.) grant, bestow; also, make an award to (sb.) by means of a will.
(a) To look; look at (sb. or sth.), see, observe; ~ abouten, look around; ~ to, look at; (b) to pay attention to (sb. or sth.), consider, regard; care about (sb.), care for; ~ to, care about (sth.), give heed to (sb.); (c) to make a decision, make a judgment; decide (sth.), determine (that sth. be done); govern (animals); direct (sb. to do sth.).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • -?-(?a1495) Ordin.Househ.Cecily Neville ()38* : When my lady is served of the seconde course.., the chamber is rewarded and the hall with breade and ale, after the discretyon of the usher.
Note: This quot. taken by OED in a oncer sense 'to serve (sb.) with food.' Quot. is very late for MED.