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reuth(e n.
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(a) Pity, compassion, sympathy; also, mercy; alas for ~; (b) haven ~ of (on, upon), to have pity or mercy on (sb., a soul, etc.); nimen (taken) ~ of, take pity on (sb.); (c) haven ~, to be sorry (to do sth.); have pity; haven (a) ~, be sorry (that sth. is the case); haven ~ for (of, on upon), have pity because of (sth.), have pity for (misfortune, etc.).
(a) Sorrow, grief; mid (with) ~, sorrowfully, wretchedly, lamentably; (b) remorse, regret, contrition; pl. expressions of remorse; haven ~ of, to be sorry for (sins); (c) lamentation; maken ~; (d) a lament, complaint; also, special pleading.
(a) An occasion or cause of pity or sorrow; a sad event or situation; something pitiful; (b) ~ to sen (beholden, devisen, heren, reden, tellen, witen); (c) injury, mischief, ill treatment, cruelty; ~ werk, an injurious action; werken ~, to cause damage or injury; (d) calamity, trouble; a dire event; (e) a condition of distress.