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residūe n.
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(a) What remains of a thing or group of things, what is left; the rest; -- also pl.; ~ of eruke, what the caterpillar leaves; (b) the remaining part of an estate not specifically bequeathed; (c) the estate of a dead person.
(a) Math. Remainder; (b) sediment; ~ of drastes, sediment of impurities; (c) that which is left after reduction by boiling; (d) physiol. what is superfluous, the excess.
Denoting human beings: (a) the rest; (b) the survivors of a battle; -- also pl.; (c) Bibl. the surviving members of the people, the remnant; also, those Christians still alive at the Second Coming; -- also pl.
A remaining course of action, recourse; haven of ~, to have (sth.) left to do.