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remenaunt n.
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(a) The rest, remaining part or quantity; the residual portion of an estate; a remaining or reserved portion; also fig.; (b) the remaining part of a story, question, text, law, etc.; a remaining segment or remaining provisions of a document; ~ of min wille (testament); (c) a remaining sum of money; ~ of costs; (d) the remaining portion of a day, life, time, etc.; the remaining days of a festival season; the remaining distance [quot.: Pearl]; to the ~, permanently; a ~, from now on, henceforth; (e) math. the result of subtraction, remainder; (f) med. the remaining traces of a disease; (g) a small part or quantity; (h) a short length of fabric or fur, remnant; also, a supplemental piece of fabric, that which is lacking to make a whole; ~ de panno, etc.; in ~, in short lengths.
(a) A remaining group of people or animals; the survivors; the other (of two); -- also pl.; the ~ of the covent (chirche), the remaining members of the monastic establishment (church); (b) ~ of israel, ?the remaining members of either of the ancient kingdoms of Israel or Judah; ~ of jacob (juda), the survivors from the kingdom of Israel (Judah); (c) pl. descendants, progeny; (d) a remaining group or number of things; ?the remaining virtue [last quot.]; -- also pl.; the ~ of min godes (londes, etc.), all my remaining possessions (lands, etc.); bras remenauntes, remaining pieces of brass; (e) in proverb.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1500 Dc.45 Artist.Recipes (Dc 45) 153/22 : Þu schalt fynde a gobbet of wolde atte de bottym and clen water abouyn, dan cast away sum of dy water and stere de remanot togydyr.
  • a1500 Ashm.1393 Artist.Recipes (Ashm 1393) 159/8 : P[oure] away sume of þe water and stere þe remelent togedere.
  • Note: Glossary: "remanot, remelent n. 'remnant'."
    Note: New spellings.