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rẹ̄ken v.(3)
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(a) To emit smoke; ppl. reking as adj.: smoking, smoky; (b) of smoke or stench: to rise, ascend; also, blow (upon sth.); (c) to grow hot or steam, as from exertion or anger; (d) to smoke (sth.), fumigate; also, treat (a sore) with smoke [1st quot.]; ppl. reked, suffumigated; also, ppl. reking as adj.: having a smoky taste (?of sulphur); ?muddy.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1200(OE) Hrl.MQuad.(Hrl 6258B)259/17 : Ʒyf hit byð mid ʒereced þa toslitena wunda heo forþricceð.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: Ed. glosses as "v. to steam pp."
    Note: ?sense