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reinen v.(1)
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Note: Cp. rinen v.(2).
Impers. (a) To rain; hit) reineth (reinede, etc.); (b) to descend in a shower; hit) reineth blod, etc.
(a) Of rain: to fall; also fig. of tears; (b) to fall like rain; (c) fig. to break down (in or into tears), dissolve.
(a) Of God, clouds, winter, etc.: to send down rain; send down (rain); ppl. reininge as adj.; (b) of God: to shower down (sth.); also fig. of men [quot.: Rolle]; of the eyes: shed tears; also, pour down (tears); also fig.; ~ doun; (c) to produce an effect on (sth.) by rain; wash away (eyes from someone's head) by rain; cleanse (a land) by rain; fig. fill (a soul) with a rain of grace; drench (one's cheeks, a pillow) with a rain of tears.