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bandǒun n.
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Power to control, rule, or dispose; -- only in prep. phrases: (a) ben in (at) bandoun, be in (someone's) power or under (his) control; be dominated by (sb.); be in bondage; ben in sere bandons, be under separate governments; (b) haven in (to) ~, have at (one's) disposal; have power over, rule, dominate; possess (sth.); (c) bringen in (to) ~, laien in ~, nimen in ~, bring under (one's) control, make subject to, subject (sb.); dwellen in ~, live under (one's) rule; fallen in ~, come under domination; bitechen in ~, deliver into custody; holden in ~, keep in custody; putten into ~, yelden to ~, surrender to (sb.); (d) spousen in ~, join in wedlock, marry; (e) putten bodi in ~, put (one's) life in jeopardy, risk (one's) life; (f) comen out of ~, escape from captivity; deliveren out of ~, maken quite from ~, to free (sb.) from domination or bondage; (g) leten of ~, give free rein to (a horse).