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quēthen v.
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With direct discourse: (a) with a direct declarative, imperative, or exclamatory quotation: to say (sth.), command, exclaim; (b) ~ to (til, unto), with direct quotation: to say (sth.) to (sb.); (c) ~ thus, thus ~, with direct quotation: to say as follows; (d) with a direct question: to ask (sth.); ~ to, ask (sb. sth.); (e) ppl. quethinge as adj., with direct quotation: saying; as noun: saying, speaking.
Without direct discourse: (a) with an object other than a direct quotation: to say (sth.), speak; mention, specify; also, tell (sb. sth.), explain, answer [quots.: c1450]; ~ of, address (sb.) about (sth.); ~ hosp oth-the tale, speak detraction or calumny; ~ sin, sin verbally, speak sin; (b) with that- or if- clause as indirect quotation.
(a) To affirm, say, speak; quechen ne ~, tremble nor speak; forbi..red ~, speak beyond (somebody's) counsel; ~ to, speak to (sb.); (b) in adverb clauses beginning with so or so so: just) as (sb. or sth.) said; (c) ppl. quethinge as adj.: speaking.
(a) To bequeath; bequeath (sth.); bequeath (sth. to sb.); -- also, refl. bequeath oneself (to sth.); quethen godes, goods bequeathed to the church; ~..quede, make (one's) bequest; thus ~, bequeath in this manner; (b) to grant (sth. to sb.), give; ~..up, yield (sth. to sb.); also, give (sth.) up, renounce; ~..quite, give (sb. or sth. to sb.) completely; ppl. quethen as adj.: assigned, given.
(a) To promise (sb. sth., sth. to sb.); (b) to pronounce (sb. to be sth.); ~ quite, pronounce (sb.) free.
?To banish (a ghost), exorcise.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (c1300) Havelok (LdMisc 108)595 : 'Ihesu crist!' wat dame leue, 'Hwat is þat lith in vre cleue?!'
Note: New form. Past singular 'wat'