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balled adj.
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Note: See also for-balled adj.
(a) Of the crown of the head: hairless, bald; of a person: having a bald head; ~ cholle, bald-head; (b) of other parts of the body: hairless, smooth; (c) in names.
(a) Of an animal: marked with a white blaze on the forehead; (b) balled cote, ~ gos, the bald coot (Fulica atra), a water-bird with a conspicuous white plate on the forehead.
(a) Ball-shaped, round; rounded or polished (cudgel); (b) ?rotund, corpulent; ?bald.
balled resoun, a glib or crafty argument [cp. ML calvus crafty, etc.].

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1447) *Court R.Long Bennington : [Theft of] i virgam panni color' russet, i equum color bay balled.
  • Note: Supplementary material for sense 2.(a).--per MLL
Note: The list of variant spellings in the form section is incomplete and needs revision to accord with standards of later volumes of the MED. Provisional revised form section: Also ballede, bal(e)d, bellud, belde, (in cpd.) bale-, (in names) bal(le-, balde.--notes per MLL