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prīd(e n.(2)
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(a) Unreasonable self-esteem, pride; desire to exceed one's proper station; also, the sin of pride (shading into 1c.); ~ of herte; (b) love of praise, vanity; (c) prideful bearing or behavior, arrogance, haughtiness; -- also, with ref. to an animal; (d) haughty or boastful words; wordes (word, preising) of ~; (e) in proverbs; (f) a kind of pride; an amount or degree of pride; taken a ~ of, to become proud as a result of (sth.); a ~, no ~; (g) ~ of, pride in (sth.); confidence in or reliance on (sb.); haven ~ in, to glory in (sth., oneself, one's deeds).
(a) Love of display; prideful display, ostentation; ~ of stat; of ~, ostentatious, pridefully ornamented; proinen for ~, to preen the feathers for display; putten to ~, devote (oneself) to ostentation; (b) in proverb; (c) ~ of lif, vainglory, worldly pomp or ostentation; (d) worldly wealth or possessions; extravagant finery; worldes ~; (e) ?worldly disport.
(a) The deadly sin of pride, esp. in enumerations of the seven deadly sins; sinne (vice) of ~; also, a kind of sinful pride; (b) fig. or in fig. context; (c) pride personified.
(a) Glory, honor; proper pride, personal honor, good repute; honor paid to a person; (b) glorious state, exalted position; also fig.; (c) splendor, opulence, magnificence; value; with ~, opulently, splendidly; (d) valuables, finery; a valuable item, an opulent article of clothing; also, booty [1st quot.].
That being or thing of which a group or nation is most proud.
(a) Prowess, mettle; vigour; prime of life; (b) spirit in an animal, vitality; prime condition; ferocity; maken ~, of a horse: to show spirit; (c) active property of a constituent element of a solution; intensity of heat; (d) with ref. to the penis: erection.
Misc. (a) ~ of, the sexual desire of an animal for (its mate); (b) a collection or group of lions; (c) glossing L superbia: swelling of a river; rising of smoke; (d) error for drede n.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1475(c1450) ?Scrope Mirror World (Bod 283) 5331 : Theye breke the covenantys that theyre godfaderes and godmoderes seide for theyme that theye forsooke the feende and alle his werkys and alle his prides. And the feendes pride is karolles.
Note: Ed.: "'theye forsooke the feende...and alle his prides' is taken from the baptismal rite...'pride/prides' render French pompe(s) 'the show(s) or spectacle(s) of the devil.'" Cf. MED pompe n. 1.(e).
Note: New sense.