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prēserven v.
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(a) To protect or preserve (sb. or sth.) from harm, damage, error, etc.; (b) ~ from, to preserve or protect (sb. or sth.) from (harm, difficulty, error, the Devil, etc.); (c) to save (sb., oneself) from death, keep alive; ~ from deth; (d) to spare (someone's life); save (one's life); (e) med. & surg. to protect against disease; protect (a patient, the body, a wound) from disease, inflammation, etc.; often with from- or of- phrase; (f) med. & surg. to palliate (a sickness, hernia), keep from worsening; cure preservinge, palliative treatment.
(a) To maintain or preserve (sb. or sth. in a condition or state); keep (sb. or sth. whole, incorrupt, chaste); (b) to preserve (a quality, state, or condition), maintain; (c) to abide by (a code); ~ feith and treuth, keep a promise.
(a) To act in a precautionary or preventive way to insure (that sth. does not occur); serve to insure (that sth. does not happen); prevent (sb. from doing sth.); (b) med. & surg. to prevent a disease; prevent (a disease, complications, the development of a disease).
In phrase: ~ tonge (mouth), to restrain (one's) speech, hold (one's) tongue.