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popī(e n.(1)
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(a) Opium poppy Papaver somniferum or any of the varieties of this plant; also, the seeds of poppy used as a spice [quot.: (1323-4)]; (b) any of several species of the genus Papaver cultivated in gardens; ~ roial; (c) ~ bolle, the seed pod of the opium poppy; also, a representation of a poppyhead in heraldry; ~ leves, ?the leaves of the corn poppy used medicinally; also, a representation of such leaves in metalwork; ~ rote, the root of a poppy plant used as a medicinal ingredient; ~ sed; flour of ~, ?the flowers of the corn poppy; oile of ~, oil extracted from the seeds of black poppy; (d) blak ~, a variety of opium poppy with black seeds; also, the seeds of this poppy [see also blak adj. 4. (d)]; bleu ~, cornflower or bluebottle Centaurea cyanus; red ~, a variety of opium poppy; also, corn poppy Papaver rhoeas; whit ~, a variety of opium poppy with white flowers; also, the opium extracted from its capsules; wilde ~, Papaver rhoeas; also, any of several unrelated species: ?whin Ulex europaeus, ?ground furze Ononis repens, or ?Centaurea calcitrapa.
(a) Cockle Agrostemma githago [cp. pople n.(1)]; (b) ?woodruff.
In surnames and place name [see Smith PNElem. 2.70].

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Note: Med., etc. (sense 1.(c)), see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. oil of poppy.