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pīne n.(1)
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(a) Pain or injury resulting from punishment; punishment; torture, torment; persecution; a punishment, kind or instance of torment; (b) one of the ten plagues inflicted upon Egypt; (c) imprisonment; ~ of prisoun, prisounes ~; (d) don (to) ~, to torment (sb., birds), injure; punish (sb.); persecute (Christians); gon to ~, be destroyed; putten un(to ~, torment (sb.); persecute; put to death; turnen to ~, cause (sb.) to be punished; (e) wiven ~, ?a punishment inflicted upon wayward wives.
(a) Punishment or torment endured after death, punishment for sin; the pains of hell or purgatory; one such punishment, or torment; (b) eche (endeles) ~, eternal torment of hell; (c) helle pine(s, the torments of hell [see also helle 2. (c)]; also fig.; pine(s of helle, helli ~; purgatorie ~, the purifying torments of purgatory; (d) hell; the derk ~.
(a) Sg. & pl.: the torments and sufferings endured by Christ; the Passion; Crucifixion; (b) passioun ~; rode ~; ~ of the cros, the sufferings endured in the Crucifixion; ~ stal, the place of the Crucifixion; don (werken) to ~, to subject (Christ) to the torments of the Passion; he dide himself to ~, he nam ~ to him, he subjected himself to the Passion; (c) in oaths.
(a) Pain caused by penance or righteous living, penance; one such pain; (b) a form of penance or mortification; an act of penance.
(a) Physical pain or discomfort; infirmity, sickness; ~ in (of) flesh; ~ of bodi; (b) mental suffering, anguish, misery; displeasure, vexation; ~ for to heren (to biholden), distressing to hear (to behold); (c) in oath.
(a) Wretched or unfortunate circumstances, affliction, defeat in battle; a difficult or perilous situation, an affliction, a defeat; pilken in ~, to bring (a parish) into dire straits through exactions; thinken ~, think (sth.) unfortunate, be displeased with; turnen the to ~, result in your misfortune; (b) an injury; a source of injury.
Difficulty, exertion; diligence; don ~, to exert oneself.
(a) Complaint, lamentation; (b) reluctance (to do penance, act charitably); repining, complaining.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. pine.