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parchemī̆n n.
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(a) Parchment; (b) a sheet, roll, etc., of parchment; a book, tale, document, letter, etc., written on parchment; (c) in (on) ~, on or using parchment, written on parchment; written on a sheet of parchment; contained in an authoritative source; (d) ~ fel, ~ lef, ~ skin, a piece of parchment; ~ makere, one who makes parchment; also as surname; (e) as surname.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1525 Dc.54 Artist.Recipes (Dc 54) 264/2 : Put þeryn thy skyn..and yff hit be of perkamen .iiij. days..and than take yt vp.
  • ?a1525 Dc.54 Artist.Recipes (Dc 54) 264/5 : Vndyrstond well a perkamy skyn..ys the beste for þis vorke.
  • Note: New spellings.
    Note: Postdates word.