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ofyẹ̄de v.
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Note: Cp. ofgōn.
(a) Obtained (sth.); (b) deserved (sth.), merited; (c) permeated (a body).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1350 Guy(3) (Add 14408)370 : Thu the torn ament than sul men ber…a gerfhacun whyt of thed. Wa sa hit.
  • Note: ?=hede 'head'
    Note: Doesn't look like thed(e n.(2). Send to Suppl. as poss. ex. of ofyede v.--per REL
    Note: Suppl., if you agree. Not a satisfactory 'þede'. But text has numerous exx. of th for ʒ. Ofyeden Also ofʒeode is available 'Well is he who may conquer her and merit a white falcon' reads.
    Note: See if there's a yede n.--per REL