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nōte n.(2)
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(a) Benefit, profit, advantage; ~ of soule, soule ~, ~ gostli; spiritual benefit, benefit to the soul; timeli ~, temporal benefit; to here ~, for their own good; don lite (litel) ~, to do little good to (sb. or sth.); don no ~, accomplish nothing; do no good (to sb.); don to ~, use (sth.) for the profit or benefit of (sb., oneself); (b) use, usefulness; in ~, in use, used; to ~, useful; wormes to ~, for the use of worms; don god ~, to do good service, be very useful; haven in ~, putten to ~, use (sth.); thou might to ~, you might become useful; (c) useful thing, tool, instrument.
(a) An undertaking, enterprise, expedition; a battle or combat; (b) work, occupation, a task, a job; an effort or action [quot.: Sidrak]; (c) used euphemistically with reference to sexual activity or intercourse; privi ~; (d) trouble, pains, effort; ado, fuss; their ~ is nought, their labor is in vain; (e) a practice, habit, custom; (f) something made or built; masounes ~, masonry.
(a) An affair, a matter, business, an occasion, occurrence; sori ~, a painful occurrence, mishap; to the ~, ready for the occasion; (b) trouble, pain, sorrow.